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Of marriage gauze clear, arrange and save
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Of marriage gauze clear, arrange and save
Clear process
The clothing that wants check to look up the bead that besmirch, pine had on your precious marriage gauze and craze above all is seamed, good mending must be done before clearing in the round, undertake besmirch pretreatment next, nurse by professional dress again finally the expert undertakes manual catharsis with the scour with the best, gentlest nature.
Arrange a process
By iron skilledly handiwork of very hot worker irons carefully every part of gauze of very hot marriage, although it can be in only,marry that day by so put on.
Save a process
Should take care to protect existence meticulously not to have acid, avoid in the smooth, case that breathe freely, lest its get,the light, dirt is mixed the harrass of mould. Should use the paper towel that does not contain acidity material to lie between at the same time it is among every flexure, lest suture and drape get,wear away. Be in even finally of this case outside cover on one again outer protective box, with strengthening dustproof sex is mixed avoid smooth sex, provide more careful protection.
The last save measure
The last protection the measure of your marriage gauze is whole the crucial one step in saving a process, the case that is an outfit marriage gauze then is put in cool, dry, dark place. Some people proposal prevents it be below the bed or in the cabinet. Because most attic and basement compare moisture, must not put the hungry case that assembles marriage gauze in these places so.

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