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Dress beater must notice " 3 should 2 not "
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1. should learn tailor dress first
Be sartorial! Be sartorial! Firm name is thought of justice, can cut into parts, can seam. Cannot meet only cut into parts won't seam, if example had a problem, should know its like that, know its the reason why. So eductional systme board should learn to make clothing first before, the study dress that make had better learn to make have those who have line is lining, men's women's perhaps suit suit, cannot male, female outfit learns at the same time, because the craft of men's clothing makes dress is having strong and handsome effect of Yang Gang on processing, female of the effect with downy and beautiful move, the vivid men's clothing that says “ to make with sartorial word wants hard, female outfit to want soft ” . Unplug in what trousers should learn especially when eductional systme garment of archives and jacket push return unplug very hot, their change model to be being made in the future board when the bring together to each place line and patulous processing, can have very great help.

2. is not immersed in digital wrong path
Our country dress cuts out before 50 time and make in 20 centuries board those who use is to add subtration, be opposite namely commonly used intermediate date, each place has a fixed measure, in cut into parts the garment and make board when each place sousaphones increase a numerical value, trumpet reduces a numerical value, its numerical value is the summary that cuts out a few acting masters are passed on the foundation of the law in Chinese style dress and those who reach, it is very scientific. Arrived after 50 time to give book and teacher and student, the group of research of a spare technology at that time, used Japanese bust to cut out the fractional law of the law and the numerical value that increase subtration, innovation goes scale to part this way. The person that gives a book later is much, appeared at others for distinction 8 minutes of 6 minutes of trichotomy, laws, laws, very 100 minutes of law, laws are waited a moment, no matter which kinds of method, it is the numerical value that increases subtration in collect. After spin, artistic school built dress major in succession after 80 time, the university should be distinguished at intermediate ability school, appeared then the Pythagorean therom cuts a shoulder into parts inclined, calculus cuts arm into parts to wait the method of advanced maths a moment, the dress that publishs on international at present cuts out the book is less and less, but the method is simpler and simpler, prorata law rises very complex and actual it is to beg collarband, shoulder only inclined mix greatly with sleeve Long these 3 wide the numerical value of place, it is very small that these a few numerical value change in a few years, if seek the means with sleeve wide Long, cut out the chest is used namely in the book in what inchoate England publishs wide with the back wide each occupy 3 / 8, sleeve Long is wide occupy 1 / 4, passed development of a few years, current sleeve Long is wide still occupy L / 4, just bosom, back is wide adjust somewhat just, shrink even example namely the coordinate translation when putting, xv numerical value also is to add subtration. With the numerical value that simple method can obtain, should do why complication? Learn in you in the begining, no matter of teacher teaching is which kinds of method, finally is to be returned to add subtration, the method that need not use maths in study so goes seeking the solution, it can make the person takes number word wrong path, the answer should be worn in human body bosom above.
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