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Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission delegation t
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By the Ministry of Commerce and Hangzhou Municipal Government hosted the 2010 China International Silk Fair and China International Exhibition on Women October 22, 2010 -25 days in Hangzhou Leisure Expo Garden Exhibition Center was held. CPPCC Vice Chairman Lin Wenyi, the Ministry of Commerce committee member, Assistant Minister Fang Aiqing, honorary president of China Chamber of Commerce He Jihai, China Silk Association, Yi-hui and other central ministries and associations on leadership and guests attended the 22 held in the morning opening ceremony. Fang Aiqing Assistant Minister of Commerce, Hangzhou, deputy secretary, acting mayor Shaozhan Wei at the opening ceremony. Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary and the Assistant Minister of Commerce Huang Kunming Fang Aiqing exhibition jointly launched a crystal ball, the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Lin Wenyi announced the opening of the Expo. Silk was also held during the Expo fashion trends and women's conference, the China International Grand Prix Final women's designer clothing cum-fitting high-skilled production model contest, silk, women's cross-border procurement and department stores business matchmaking, "Heaven Silk martial arts clothing Show "and other ten series of activities, can be described as Haoxiliantai, brilliant. I attach great importance to the SIBO committee exhibitors will work. According to the Ministry of Commerce plans to deploy and market development in our province the arrangement, I appointed the lead in organizing the committee and deputy party secretary of Qi as the head inspector of truth (the latter was unable to attend due to other official duties), the Director of market system ( Provincial Office Director silk) Lo Shu and the Housing Corporation Guangdong Silk Textile loudly Tsai, chairman of Guangdong Silk, deputy head of delegation of 48 people will participate in this SIBO, Shaoguan, Zhongshan and other cities of economic and information technology, and responsible comrades Bureau mainly responsible for exhibitors attended the show. A group pavilion is located in the Guangdong Museum of special equipment exhibition area of 81 square meters, exhibits include silk garments, silk floss quilt, silk, mulberry juice, mulberry leaf tea, and other major categories, not only well-known domestic and international famous brand " Silique (Leslie) "," Zhuang Zi Ni "," Yadi Si ", as well as comprehensive utilization of resources sericulture own brand" treasure Mulberry "and have a greater impact within the industry well-known brand" letter of silk. " Product highlights ", and gifted and special" and so on, has attracted many customers and industry representatives gathered to discuss the procurement exhibition. In addition, I also specially commissioned the Committee Association invited the old province of Guangdong Province, a master craftsman, Ms. Kang Huifang inheritors embroidery and Guangdong Province, a master craftsman Miss Chen Shaofang apprentice, Guangzhou City, senior technology demonstration in the field technician Min Yue embroidery embroidery workers unique skills, unique embroidery art Guangdong will be the highlight of this SIBO, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign businessmen and Visitors stop to watch as well as numerous media's attention, to shoot the scene and interviews. I appointed this group will participate in SIBO, demonstrating the characteristics of silk products in Guangdong, publicize and promote the corporate image and brand, highlighting the province's overall image of the silk industry, a complete success.
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