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Power Supply Bureau monitor collusion theft crime during the day and 13 were
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13 cases of crime in broad daylight wearing overalls, 4 months, stealing and selling 30 million power equipment Repair teams with the tools, broad daylight Yang Moumou, surname Wang and others to failure on the grounds, will remove the transformer on the power lines sold. Meet the people questioned, and others responsible for the interpretation. This group of thieves is so reckless because they ban some Power Administration line maintenance staff, some electrical repair team assigned personnel, the use of these identities as a cover, they are 4 months in 13 cases of crime, and stole valued at nearly 30 million transformers and other power facilities. Recently, the Jinan District Prosecutor's Office to prosecute, Yang Moumou first instance and other 5 were each sentenced to imprisonment and fine. "The ghost" from the crime involved nearly 30 million 13 Surname Wang, Jinan, Fuzhou Electric Power Bureau Power Supply Bureau, line maintenance class monitor, have a good income, but he was not contented. After several contacts with the Yang Moumou, the two discussed a "get rich scheme." Thermal Power Engineering Corporation, Guangdong, Fujian Electric Power Bureau, Fuzhou branch second team is assigned a power construction team, Fuzhou Electric Power Bureau is responsible for the installation and maintenance of a number of lines. Yang Moumou is responsible for one of the construction team, Lin Moumou auxiliary work of his hands, Xie Moumou the driver. After many years, with the surname Wang Yang Moumou procedures well known in the industry, they discussed a plan to steal the transformer sold for profit. In Yang Moumou rope, the Lin Moumou and Xie Moumou to be his helper. December 2008 to March 2009, Yang Moumou, Xie Moumou, Lin Moumou and others in the normal electrical construction for the cover, theft, Jinan, Fuzhou Power Administration power line distribution transformer Power Supply Bureau, the transformer pole and Transformer collection terminal. They stole a total of 13 transformers and 13 sets with variable collection terminal, the identification of the total value of nearly 30 million. Before committing the crime, identified by the surname Wang theft locations. Subsequently, Yang Moumou organize their implementation of the construction team, part of the staff theft. Wang Moumou Electric Power Bureau wearing overalls, holding off the work of votes, the people seem, they are normal construction. Each successful steal, Yang Moumou transformer will sell Chen Moumou, asking 10,000 yuan or so. According to Yang Moumou account, each selling one, surname Wang received 4,000 yuan, and others get 100 yuan to 1,600 yuan, and the remaining owned by Yang Moumou. Yang Moumou 8 million in total profit. Electric Power Bureau found that, although still cleverly disguised Yang Moumou and the surname Wang, who, no matter how disguised, there is no formal procedures in accordance with the demolition of the transformer behavior, still aroused suspicion of emergency teams and Electric Power Bureau. After investigation, Fuzhou Electric Power Bureau, who identified the illegal acts surname Wang, Yang Moumou, who have arrested. The court sentenced Yang Moumou with the surname Wang theft of 11 years in prison each and 1 million fine; Lin Moumou theft and sentenced to 6 years in prison and all Xie Moumou 5,000 fine; to disguise or conceal the crime Chen Moumou sentenced to 3 years in prison for offending, probation 5 years, and impose a fine of 5,000 yuan.
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