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South African Bureau of Standards approved the export of Chinese companies to
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South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) formally approved the export of a Chinese mining company uniform fabric, angered the South African textile industry. Textile mill, said chairman Marcus Varoli the Mediterranean, the South African Bureau of Standards and the Bureau of Trade and Industry (DTI) to a Chinese company a certificate to allow the export of mining companies work fabric, the decision undermined their efforts to revitalize the textile industry in South Africa. South African Bureau of Standards to allow the Chinese company exports fabrics, means that jobs will be transferred to South Africa to China, thus increasing the opportunities for China to enter the South African market. He added that the move will further hurt the South African textile sector, because Chinese companies more than the domestic companies have the advantage of South Africa. South Africa is facing a serious unemployment problem. Trade and Industry Ministry in 2009 to consider incentives for the textile industry production, but they now decided to completely deviate from the plan in 2009. Meanwhile, China's cheap labor and cheap fabrics, more advantages than the South African companies in China, South Africa cheaper than the cost of 5-6 fabric rand / m.
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