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Hand-me-down of French international vogue and dress are exhibited
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Extend meeting time: 2008-02-25- - 2008-02-27
Showpiece address: Paris
Sponsor an unit: French every Er surpasses the door to show a company
Undertake unit: Xiamen promotes China business international to show service limited company
Network address: Http://www.askexpo.com
Ginseng extend range: Men's clothing, female outfit, fashionable hand-me-down, popular dress;
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Of alive bound fashionable dress Paris, every year a lot of fashionable dress are exhibited meeting, fashionable dress of WHO’S NEXT Paris is exhibited the meeting is annual two, assemble the brand of famous fashionable dress that comes from world each district, it is the product of vogue of omnibus fashionable dress with French the most large-scale Paris, exhibition of dress major salon. Should exhibit the door will be surpassed to exhibit a center to hold in Parisian Faner in September at was being mixed every year in January. The professional commerce that WHO'S NEXT fixed position installs high-grade fashionable dress for the men and women is exhibited meeting, high-grade market is right in basically be aimed at the demand of creativity product, january exhibit meeting general to show garment of 2008 Qiu Dong season; September exhibit meeting criterion to will be revealed 2009 dress of Chun Xia season. The vogue of PREMIERE CLASSE Paris that holds with WHO’S NEXT the corresponding period deserves to act the role of exhibit, basically exhibit all sorts of fashionable fittings are exhibited, exhibit can hold in a house. The major that WHO’S NEXT fashionable dress is exhibited is stylist of a fashionable dress is exhibited meeting, also be the lab of trend of popularity of vogue finishing season, it is activity of a culture at the same time, gather together every time Europe provides representative stylist most or newest tide men and women holds hand-me-down brand.

WHO’S NEXT and PREMIERE CLASS held water in September 1994, WHO’S NEXT presents trend of newest fashionable dress, ceaseless development gives new complementary field. WHO’S NEXT includes 5 creativity field, divisional for FRESH, FAST, FAME, FACE, PRIVATE; They gathered together respectively the brand of all sorts of fashionable dress: FAST(60 brand) , FACE(180 brand) , FAME(160 brand) , FRESH(120 brand) , PRIVATE(130 brand) , 5 area gross area is amounted to 50, 000 square metre. Two commerce exhibited WHO’S NEXT and PREMERE CLASSES to gather together in all 1, a variety of 000 brands, among them WHO’S NEXT exhibits 650 kinds of brands, PREMIERE CLASSES exhibits 450 kinds of brands. Exhibit can attract come from from Europe, asia, more than 45 America and Africa, 000 audiences. Among them 1, the 6000 person that look around for international, european audience is occupied 75% . WHO’S NEXT is exhibited exhibit in every time 20 stylist still can invite to reveal its to design in the meeting.

Fashionable dress of WHO’S NEXT Paris is exhibited and vogue of PREMIERE CLASSE Paris deserves to act the role of exhibit. Two are full of halfback vogue of breath exhibit can appear in Paris, it is the fashionable dress of WHO’S NEXT Paris that regards international vogue as popular trend lab is exhibited no matter, the Parisian PREMIERE CLASSE that still is will manual spirit and artistic confluence deserves to act the role of exhibit, attracting the vision that enters the person that exhibit deeply.
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