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8 years European characteristic yarn is exhibited
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Extend meeting time: 2008-02-19- - 2008-02-22
Showpiece address: Paris
Sponsor an unit: Xiamen promotes China business to show service limited company
Undertake unit: Xiamen promotes China business international to show service limited company
Network address: Http://www.aksexpo.com
Ginseng extend range: Wool and fiber, chromatic fiber, natural or artificial or machine-made spinning technology, the design that knit a line and manufacturing system / chemical fibber and gauze of gauze of pure cotton instinctive quality, chemical fibber blending
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Exhibition of French international yarn establishs 1979, exhibit for French home at first meeting, development was the international major inside European Union limits to exhibit 1987, to 2001, should exhibit can open an entrance door greatly to the yarn with the most outstanding whole world and fiber manufacturer, become the yarn with the greatest whole world and fiber trade fair at the same time. Fair of French international yarn is annual two, show the newest yarn product of season of Chun Xia, Qiu Dong respectively, the 51st be it this is exhibited meeting. Should extend the principle that follows “ essence character to measure oriented and politic ” all the time, the choice to postponing business particularly strict. EXPOFIL reveals spin yarn lookingly to world each district, fiber and industry service and popularity seek advice etc. Exhibit meeting focus to be reached in concentration assure to exhibit product of business high quality, creativity, reform sex and provide international trade level effectively, in order to achieve the balance of product diversification.

With toward yarn is exhibited different is, its began time to be done afresh adjust, fabrics of international of the first vision exhibits it and “PV ” the corresponding period is held jointly with the house. Expofil is world spin and fashionable bound the Premiere Vision of the most negative great reputation extends the one share of the meeting (namely fabrics of the first vision exhibits France) , basically show the of all kinds yarn of current popularity and new development and fabrics product. Exhibit in Expofil yarn exhibit with Premiere Vision in the meeting, yarn enterprise will get acquainted with international business of top class fabrics, understand newest yarn fabrics to develop a tendency. The development of the innovation that people can see a lot of fiber produce business and spinning technology is ecbolic market of ” of crack of this one special “ . The yarn nowadays exhibits an assemble cotton yarn, wool yarn, emulation silk yarn, and the various yarn such as chemical fibber and natural fibrous blending, the research that develops a field to be engaged in yarn and spin fiber market has very great help.

Expofil and Première Vision are exhibited can attract every year come from 50, 000 professional audiences, among them 32, 000 for trafficker. In the person that international looks around, the 75% person that look around come from at 100 countries. In Feburary 2007, expofil and Première Vision the corresponding period are held, exhibit meeting setting to exhibit a house at 5, attracted in all 50 what come from 110 countries, 000 professional audiences and 1, 500 postpone business. Basically come from France, its are ordinal for Germany, Italy, England, Spain, United States, Japan, Korea, Belgian, Holand and Turkey. The fact proves, “ is exhibited of the meeting strong strong together ” got very good result. Although visiting business of China has, but be being compared with other country posture still is less. Can see, domestic yarn textile is mixed in the acknowledge that meets to be being exhibited this internationally participate in a lieutenant general to gain huge profit.
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