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Exposition of spin of the 7th 08 Suzhou
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The 7th 2008 China (Suzhou) exposition of international textile fabrics, complementary makings

Extend meeting time: 2008-07-03- - 2008-07-05
Showpiece address: Suzhou international reads extensively center (area of Suzhou industry garden is contemporary the highway reads extensively square)
Sponsor an unit: Abundant of head office of large foreign trade, Cheng exhibits Chinese light (Hong Kong) limited company
Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Spin garment industry is the traditional mainstay industry of Suzhou city, have apparent industry to compare a dominant position, have many 4000 company, from personnel of course of study nearly 600 thousand person, year total production value amounts to one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan or so. Be in " Forbes " the magazine releases pop chart of ” of “ China top company is medium 2005, suzhou has a list of names posted up on 8 enterprises, among them spin enterprise occupied 4. Statistical data shows, this year first half of the year, total production value of industry of garment of Suzhou city spin achieves eighty-six billion nine hundred and thirty-five million yuan, grow 24.39%% compared to the same period, profit total is 2.426 billion yuan.

Signed new textile agreement with European Union, United States early or late as China, to Euramerican exit the amount already was become basically finality, together with is other rate of growth of market of a few main export puts delay, those who predict smooth growth will become dress of Suzhou area spin to export advocate fundamental key. For the communication between better stimulative industry and collaboration, provide platform of a commerce communication, plan of head office of large foreign trade sponsors light of approval of trade of the classics outside Department of Commerce of classics People's Republic of China and Chinese Jiangsu province, China, the 7th 2008 China that exhibit limited company to undertake by Shanghai Cheng abundant (Suzhou) exposition of international textile fabrics, complementary makings reads extensively in Suzhou international the center is held ceremoniously.

“2008SITE” already had gone 6 years, all previous exhibit the beautiful accomplishment proof of the meeting, “2008SITE” already was become the modern large “ of company of global clothing manufacturer and foreign trade, imports and exports is at present one-stop ” purchases spin face the major of complementary makings is exhibited one of meetings. In the meantime, also be known as “ China spin to be tasted newly purchase optimal get the better of meeting ” .

[previous term or session is exhibited can review]

Postpone business: “SITE 2007” will read extensively in Suzhou international in July at 7 years central victory concludes. Current exhibit can attract in all global 683 ginseng of 10 many countries and area postpone business, exhibition area is amounted to 18000 smooth rice, course of study of its China foreign enterprise is occupied ginseng 26% what postpone a business, domestic company is occupied 74% . V audience: “SITE 2007” exposition is successive 3 days since exhibiting, professional audience amounts to 21326 people, among them of the country such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Europe purchase business to occupy 35% , home purchases business to occupy 65% , among them the AB of Jiangsu area, Hu Bao, wave department is ascended, the ormosia, Xin Yalu, group that collect grand, sunshine group, Hai Lan group, Shun Tian group, Sumeidaji is round, open yuan of international, Su Hao international, according to not complete count, current exhibit meeting intent to clinch a deal the forehead achieved 1.46 billion yuan. We will be motivation with this, strive to exhibit ours can do the trademark with truly well-known international to exhibit meeting!
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