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08 Shanghai international crosses a country to purchase congress
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08 Shanghai international crosses a country to purchase congress
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Extend meeting date: 2008-09-22 publishs date to 2008-09-25: On April 10, 2008

Extend meeting time: 2008-09-22- - 2008-09-25
Showpiece address: Shanghai starts justice journey 99
Sponsor an unit: Government of people of Shanghai of national Department of Commerce
Undertake unit: Shanghai crosses a country to purchase a center
Network address: Http://2008.sourcing.org.cn
Ginseng extend range: Exhibit integratedly meeting
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Congress introduction
ISF CHINA predecessor crosses a country to purchase for “ negotiate meeting (Chinese Shanghai) ” , only then 2002. Classics the State Council was approved 2006, the national level that promote is national Department of Commerce and government office of Shanghai person civil administration to sponsor is exhibited meeting, annual, it is China is the at present most large-scale cross a state converse purchase grand meeting. The way that congress purchases business to set booth, supplier to attend ” with “ attracted 5 continent of well-known company buy the home and global supplier.

The area that exhibit a house amounts to 20000 much square metre, come from at the whole world of 5 continent cross a country to purchase a group (be like: International chain shopkeeper purchases component of round, industry to purchase a group to wait) , 500 strong companies of world (be like: Woerma, 100 think of buy, 100 bring house, firm world of distinctive, rich, Xi Menzi) more than 260 when reach U.N. to purchase an orgnaization cross a country to purchase business to carry detailed list of more than 10000 kinds of products to visit Shanghai to search appropriate.

Congress provides platform of electronic business affairs, promote collect, the understand one another before be being met for both sides, rise substantially collect, conclude power for be in harmony.

International purchases business to carry purchase detailed account or be about to buy product sample spot to set exhibit, the supplier attends the meeting negotiate.

Congress differs to divide 5 to purchase a zone in all according to purchasing business place to belong to industry and area.

The corresponding period holds China International of the 3rd " to cross a country to purchase height forum " (on September 22) .

Data of 7 years of congress
On September 25, 2007 - 27 days are held in store of Shanghai world trade one, 3, 4 buildings are held, gross area 20 thousand square metre.

Congress purchases Trade Fair area to share the 260 enterprises ginseng that comes from 20 countries and area to exhibit, join the domestic supplier of the meeting 6000.

Join the well-known company that exhibit to include: World of oil of railroad of Chinese country boat, China, Bao Gang, England, Xi Menzi, rich, United States is beautiful aluminium, solid distinctive, Germany cling to accord with the sources of energy, NEC, Toshiba, Fuji is connected, Xia Pu, Kang Ning, Woerma.
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