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Industry of 08 China garment purchases Fair
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Extend meeting time: 2008-08-27- - 2008-08-29
Showpiece address: Shanghai international exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Organizing committee of week of fashionable dress of Shanghai people government, Shanghai
Undertake unit: Center of dress of Shanghai international dress, Shanghai sincere achieve an exhibition to serve limited company
Network address: Www.shatf.com
Ginseng extend range: Of all kinds male, female dress
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
The week of Shanghai fashionable dress that sponsors by Shanghai people government gathers together in “ shirt-sleeve, lead tide- - vogue makes the life more wonderful! Of ” theme beamed below, week of Shanghai fashionable dress already stepped the 6th year. Come 6 years, week of Shanghai fashionable dress transmits China dress culture to international fashion group quintessential, quicken international is fashionable interactive communicating, introduce international to design thumb, prop up home starts a brand formerly, breed stylist of new student mainland to wait, yu Jiba of rapid ascend body after goosefoot, Milan, London, new York, Tokyo those who enjoy high reputation with international metropolitan week of named international fashionable dress.

Industry of garment of China of • of week of 2008 Shanghai fashionable dress purchases Fair, fair grasps the concept that supports halfback, efficient, deal with concrete matters relating to work, exhibit business to provide the service that perfects as far as possible to join; With us consistent professional, authority, internationally characteristic, before attracting global dress to buy the home, agency, will order goods, negotiate, it is the dress brand with the biggest, the most extensive force extends Asia-Pacific area scope one of meetings. Also become the year grand meeting with Chinese garment established industry at the same time, become clothing company market to develop, the optimal platform that promotion of foreign trade exit, brand, trade negotiates.

Industry setting:

As the change of our country economy, develop and expand what accompanying Chinese garment industry ceaselessly. Year of crop of Chinese garment industry add reach 46.5 billion, year exit is patulous to 73.8 billion dollar, and the happening that accompanying Chinese economy miracle, the home market sale of Chinese garment industry also was achieved of 600 billion gigantic, reach 10 million person from trade number.

Geographical advantage:

Shanghai is the economic center of chinese mainland, first of long triangle, it is Chinese economy external the window, the forward position of foreign trade activity; Shanghai is located in dress spin to be saved greatly---The central position of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, the traffic hub of Hua Dong area, for international trade
Easy the condition that offerred advantage.

Buy the home to invite:

1. Sponsor 150 thousand when just go out through the concentration inside the database to purchase business to extend invitation letter. Come round nearly two years to had attended Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou famous exhibit of the meeting purchase business directory, will send invitation letter key to invite;
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