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The 8th fashionable Yo pregnant baby child the product reads extensively
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The 8th fashionable Yo pregnant baby child product exposition
Extend meeting time: 2008-07-17- - 2008-07-19
Showpiece address: In relief road of dragon of new developed area of Chinese Shanghai Pudong 2345
Sponsor an unit: " fashionable Yo " magazine company
Network address: Www.baby023.com
Ginseng extend range: Pregnant baby child product garment, feed, live, travel, with, Yo, happy reach relevant service orgnaization; Pregnant baby child product production business, brand business, agent, wish material provider

Postpone meeting brief introduction:
" fashionable Yo " magazine from 2001 only then, the fashionable Yo that sponsors solely pregnant baby child product exposition, had held 7 to 2007, all the time since for pregnant baby child manufacturer makes the platform that communicate and communicates, baby of stimulative China pregnant child the development of the career. 7 years since, from exhibition area, join card of item on display, the data such as professional audience number shows, exhibit the pregnant that can have become Asian area to implement scale most exposition of baby child product. The 8th of next year is exhibited can be in Shanghai on July 17, 2008 new international reads extensively the center kicks off.

Extended meeting scope 2007: Add up to exhibition area 23000 smooth rice, card of ginseng item on display 414, among them 43% to be tasted newly, the audience adds up to 50497 people, audience of course of study of its technical secondary school 27502 people.

Contact an unit: " fashionable Yo " magazine company
Contact an address: Edifice of people of way of wet king of city of Zhejiang province Hangzhou 1406 rooms
Zip code: 310005
Contact: Wang Lei
Phone: 0571-88393237-812
Fax: 0571-88393237-813/816

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