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Pass spin the exit that take look forward to the attune on drawback general
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Hep personage discloses spin dress, it is good that the country will cast a multinomial benefit, assist is in the spin clothing company in an abyss of suffering, the attune on the exit drawback with rife near future is only among them.

The information of authoritative channel points out, new the opinion that the information that establish and industrialized ministry allotted to aim to solve spin industry to face dilemma at present a few days ago cases, at present this " opinion " seeking each opinion, main content includes: textile exit withdraws tax rate from 11% on move to 13% , clothing outlet drawback is led from 11% on move to 15% ; Avoid the import tariff of partial spin machinery, automatic winding machine; The problem that solves the respect such as circulating fund of spin garment industry moderately is waited a moment.

Benefit will appease backtrack tide very much

Concerned personage points out, the life suspends the spin clothing company of a gleam of, will borrow this to obtain breath opportunity. In the past period of time, reduction in production of company of numerous spin clothing or stop production, still the company with not little amount to fails to weather " cold winter " .

The investigation report that makes by Dongguan city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and guild of dress of Dongguan city spin points out, company of partial spin clothing has turned row, a wool that as usual makes the same score a town knits a machinery plant to cast eye to estate. Still textile mills of a sweater lives to get, reduce a worker to reduce cost considerably, by most the 800 much people when reduce 300 more than person.

This investigation report still points out, have the local spin company of 10% about, stem from cost consideration, already change is gone to and other places of Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, still have Vietnam of the change outside a few enterprises. Enterprise of the change outside it is reported basically is wool spin enterprise, especially small and medium sized business.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the shift on exit drawback rate is very significant to the enterprise. After experiencing the difficulty with very abominable early days, the enterprise basically had broken away from fear, this one profit is good be helpful for company transition, seek the progress of higher administrative levels. And below the action of good in benefit policy, so called spin look forward to " backtrack is wet " , " shut tide " will appease gradually.

The personage thinks related Dongguan, enterprise evacuate Dongguan, the most primitive impulse is to reduce cost, alleviate hot water is run in what at present all sorts of adverse element action fall. But anatomize can discover, except manufacturing cost, affect what the enterprise manages to still state of catenary of exit environment, industry waits for main factor, and the condition with advantaged Dongguan, be not other area to be able to be replaced.
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