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Clothing association is felt pulse for female outfit brand
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A few days ago, in Chinese clothing association support energetically below, hangzhou municipal government reachs Hangzhou Hangzhou to sent female outfit chamber of commerce to hold “ in Beijing international restaurant from make wisdom build ——— China to grow model female outfit brand advances a peak meeting ” . Domestic dress bound is famous expert scholar, the leader of dress guild and chamber of commerce, discuss jointly policy guiding and grow model the relation between the brand, grow for China model female outfit brand builds the big environment that grows quickly.

Up to now, the spin garment industry of above of Hangzhou city mutual dimensions 2430, from personnel of course of study 321 thousand person, implementation sells production value one hundred and sixty-two billion eight hundred and thirty-seven million yuan, grow 24.94% compared to the same period, 19.85% what occupy above of whole town dimensions to sell total production value, among them garment industry realizes industry to sell production value in all twenty-three billion four hundred and fifty-seven million yuan, profit tax is integrated 1.68 billion yuan, compare respectively the corresponding period grew 18.59% last year, 15.47% , the silk of Hangzhou and female outfit had made the characteristic industry of Hangzhou nowadays.

This the peak can grow around China model female outfit brand how from make wisdom the subject that make, in the light of how “ wisdom ” built a brand to spread out a harangue. Liu Xiaoming of deputy secretary-general of government of Hangzhou city people thinks, as the addition of demand of costume market country, of the economic policy that commercializes reform and market internationalization process accelerate, chinese garment industry enters development brand completely to change conditionally, change management means, increase a property the new level of additional cost. How does domestic clothing company hold opportunity of such a strategy period, implementation enterprise by extensive model manage to intensive management change, enhance a product to reach the core competition ability of the international market in home, it is to show the emphasis that each clothing company pays close attention to level.

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