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Group of Jiangsu garment industry raises new target
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Jiangsu saves gross of economy of group of industry of 51 spin garment to occupy the 60% above of gross of aid of already of dress of complete province spin. Among them, garment industry ranks before 3 in countrywide garment industry. It is in 30 many province of countrywide, the actual strength of spin dress group that Jiangsu saves is stronger undoubtedly. However, face 2007 the domestic and international economic situation since second half of the year, how should group of spin garment industry develop next?
Jiangsu province is one of areas with concentrated group of spin garment industry. Since 2008, face the new change that domestic and international economic situation appears, how should group of industry of Jiangsu spin garment develop promotion? On May 25, the “ Jiangsu that in Wujiang Cheng Ze holds saves group of spin garment industry to develop promotion seminar ” to go up, raised the new target of Jiangsu dress and promotion of industrial group development.
Pressure of straight face inside and outside
On the seminar, the RMB that is faced with generally to current trade appreciates and rate of drawback of exit of spin dress product is reduced wait for a situation, jiangsu saves Xie Ming of spin guild chairman to think, too big to be faced with 3 (investment passes big, credit too big, favorable balance of trade is too large) the Jiangsu of pressure saves spin dress job for, the outlet that this can give spin dress the company undoubtedly brings greater pressure, make this already the one disaster after another of spin clothing company with profit limited space.
“ but, the labour pains that grow is inevitable. The other one side of pressure is the powerful motive force that company transition, industry upgrades. ” thanks bright chairman to think, the exchange rate after adjusting and exit withdraw tax rate, the enterprise that certainly will makes competition ability poor falls into disuse, the company with strong competition ability can borrow machine expand, make competitive mechanism more healthy and orderly thereby. And the promotion of profit space, need us to catch the adjustment of good product structure, market structure, company structure, change economy grows way, we should make group company has more energy and financial capacity to undertake structural adjustment, science develops, in order to push brand of Jiangsu spin dress and group area brand model and popularize. Drive me to save more and more spin clothing companies to walk up to upgrade to the transition of OBM of ODM down to from OEM road, make spin industry whole upgrade ceaselessly.
Develop a target certainly
With respect to the current situation that at present group of industry of garment of Jiangsu province spin faces, xieminghui grew concrete analysis. She thinks, group of industry of current Jiangsu spin still is in primary level, still basically be in extensive to develop level, group competition ability basically still is behaved in labour force compare an advantage to go up, competition ability of market of technical innovation ability, own brand all lies inferior level. The labor productivity level of spin industry group is inferior also, the goal that 915 ” industry promotes the “ that is apart from entire industry to put forward still has quite long way to want, spin industry group grows the fundamental change of means to still need tougher effort. Accordingly, “ integrated resource drives an industry to innovate, drive spin industry in order to innovate to upgrade the development new way that ” will be phase of the next of group of industry of prospective Jiangsu spin.
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