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Staff said the compulsory purchase of each of 4 sets of clothes
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"Several hundred dollars a uniform, change 4 times a year, are paying your own staff, we are too much." Recently, Changsha Walking Street "Li Ning" reflects the store's clerk calls, saying the store to force employees to purchase, "Li Ning" brand clothes.

Through visits, the reporter found that many enterprises are now taken by the employees own expense, purchase of uniforms, the labor department said this is unreasonable.

Designated staff shall have to buy clothes

21-year-old pedestrian street is a pure "Li Ning" store Purchasing Guide. May 26, she showed reporters a large box stuffed full of clothes. "To work for two years for the 8 sets of clothes." Suitcase inside the small pure pointing to suit a variety of brands that "several hundred dollars per set, these clothes are his own pocket to buy."

Not long ago, a small net and other staff to replace the company also received notice of the new summer clothes. Last summer clothes are still new, small pure hope the shop to "accommodation" in Taiwan, but was refused. The company also provides employee must purchase the designated restaurant "Li Ning" style work wear, or face heavy penalties. "Since it is a tooling, why choose an expensive brand? Company has dozens of employees, frequent dress goods may be left to clean up!" One employee questioned.

The shop said that selling off clothes hit

The reporter arrived at the south side of this pedestrian street, "Li Ning" store, told reporters that the relatives to come to work, a woman who introduced the company's relevant recruitment system: "uniform dress code is necessary, and clothing is discounted sold to employees, they can wear their usual, very cost-effective. "

Located in Changsha City in the Long International Building, Li Ning (China) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Hunan district office, one employee admitted to work in stores now require employees Li Ning to purchase uniforms at their own expense, at a press ready to further understand the details, the employees said , "responsible person is not, is not convenient in an interview." Subsequently the Ministry of Personnel of the company in charge of a person named Wang told reporters on the phone: "privately purchased by the staff uniforms is a last resort. Because of staff turnover is relatively large, many employees leave, even the clothes are taken away, it will a great deal of capital flight. "

"The shop to buy clothes and often require employees to replace the new models, not the buyer a fine." Pedestrian street with the "BEFORE" store employees are experiencing similar troubles. "Upon joining the company in charge informed me that the amount of body, that is to customize the clothes, but then they find their own expense." Xiaohua from Yueyang, said to spend 1,000 yuan per year to purchase uniforms, is a bit too much.

Press survey

Fear of damage to staff uniforms, the unit also received the deposit

All the streets in Changsha service establishments, employees do not wear work clothes little. Two migrant workers from Zhangjiajie, said, although he did not ask the company where the employees go out and buy clothes, but will receive the appropriate deposit, to be complete separation procedures for staff and then returned. "The company received the deposit on the grounds that the workers are afraid of uniforms damaged or swept away."

Some wine salesman in entertainment marketing, for example, documents like ID cards, but also entertainment boss hands "pinch" the.

Department statement

Employees have no obligation to buy clothes

Changsha Labor and Social Security Bureau, said this: there is no obligation to units of staff uniforms to pay. Uniform system for employees is the employer to do.

According to the "Labor Contract Law" provision, is the unit required to wear clothes, not people take the initiative to wear. Even if the unit after consultations with staff, the staff are willing to pay a deposit clothing or clothing costs, the unit can not receive. Because "not allowed to collect any property", in fact throughout the entire process of labor and employment.

Changsha Labor and Social Security Bureau said that the department of public service units of non-compliance fees charged to investigate the phenomenon.

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Province will take two years

Construction Labor Dispute Mediation System

News newspaper on May 31 against the increase in labor dispute cases, the situation in Hunan Province Office of Human Resources and Social Security said today that, from 2011 until this year, the province will strive to two years, built up of labor and personnel in the province dispute mediation organizations and institutional system.

With the deepening of labor and personnel system reform and enhanced awareness of worker rights, the current controversy around the case of increasing labor and personnel, in particular, collective labor disputes more difficult. Therefore, the state Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Justice, the National Federation of Trade Unions, Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs Yiju "Labor Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Law", jointly issued the "labor dispute mediation on the strengthening of Work", calling on the prevention the former, and improve the working mechanism of dispute settlement of labor and personnel, increase the mediation efforts.

In order to implement the "advice" requirement, the formation of enterprises in our province will establish mediation, the mediation industry, regional mediation, street township and community mediation, civil mediation, executive mediation mediation comprehensive network of organizations dealing with labor and personnel disputes and build "The first line of defense", and strive to achieve 50% or more of the small, simple to resolve disputes at an early stage of labor and personnel to address the grassroots level.

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