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Limited company of dress of Shanghai state Europe
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China subdues net copyright to declare: Except partial article, information special statement does not want to reprint, or accredit outside the article that I stand to broadcast solely, everybody can reprint my site freely share content, but former writer and the link that come from me to stand must be withheld (nonego stands to be achieved formerly, according to come from formerly, link by oneself) . Article copyright puts in me 's charge to stand to be shared with the author.

Reprint a requirement: Reprinted photograph, file, the link does not want pilfer catenary to arrive to stand originally please, and the watermark that forbids to call respective site, also cannot efface my site watermark.

Special attention: The picture that this station place provides and design work, if need to use, contact with former writer please, the person that copyright puts in original work 's charge is all.

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