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Korean dress culture
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The coronal ceremonial robe or dress that the bride when marrying wears; Dark reseda jerkin matchs gules skirt, the green Yi Gongchang of sharp contrast is given priority to. Compare the traditional colour of escape green Yi Gongchang recently, wear blue-black jerkin to match gules skirt, also can wear at ordinary times (the dress that Korea bride marries is a graph 3)
At ordinary times or the improved Han that the design of the Tang Yi jerkin that the country wears when small-sized activity makes is taken. It is facilitating activity, dress of skirt make it, the length of the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket of contractible jerkin and belt of take out garment. Adorn the bosom of traditional lines appearance is carried on the back before the bosom, the atmosphere of show tradition Tang Yi, be very different? This is called Han Cai to install, also can wear at ordinary times. These are Korea tradition dress, I myself have Korea blood relationship, it is mongrel, father is mom of person of Korea head Er it is Chinese Peking Man. The tie-in color of Korea dress also is to have cultured, han is taken is the color that can press dress and dress material show the dress of all sorts of feelings. Generally speaking, jacket uses dark color with next bright color, garments most classic. The case that the individual character that also presses an individual recently and interest take to Han of decision color woman is: Traditional colour arrangement is gules skirt (left) jerkin of light reseda or white, blue, blue skirt (right) match jerkin of red or white, yellow. In addition, purple skirt matchs shallow purple jerkin, modena skirt matchs pink or Tang Yi of jade green jerkin is the dress that woman of Li Korea times wears, basically be in at ordinary times or the country is worn when small-sized activity with. Recently, go up in marriage banquet commonly or attend the extraordinary time such as the activity to wear with. With jerkin style close, it is the rate that the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket and the back of a Chinese robe grow to reach knee only. The embroider on the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket or garment belt has gold foil grain to act the role of, deduce luxuriant atmosphere

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