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The country is taken should inheritance people culture
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Eve, the name takes ——— to wear for “ country the seminar of the national figure ” of outfit is held in Dong Hua university, many experts point out, the Olympic Games was mixed 2008 meeting general offerred world rich the opportunity that compatriots reveals actual strength and ethical characteristic to the world 2010, also give comprehensive promotion accumulate embody country, nation the standardization country of symbolic significance is taken offerred chance.

The expert points out, no matter the country is taken is what appearance, should bear the weight of information of culture of national people core, should absorbing element of elite of dress of the Chinese nation, hold ethical tradition lasting appeal while, use new technology and fabrics, offer series, the Chinese style dress that suits modern life dress, let a countryman undertake individuation chooses.

Art of dress of Dong Hua university designs an institute to teach the person such as Yang Yixiong to think, from at present the market looks, dress of Chinese style tradition has not form GB and industrialized production. At present of mill type the Tang Dynasty outfit, cheongsam buy with garment of cultural worker, female and abroad tourist, collect be in the majority. The use that the country takes future is very extensive, the component that makes everyday clothing gradually, market potential is very great.

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