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Korea of dress of nation of Chinese past dynasties is exhibited
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On November 6, the commemorative Sino-South Korean that reachs equality of Korea sexual distinction and ministry of domestic general affairs to be held jointly by Chinese woman federation establishs diplomatic relations 15 years activity of friendly communication of woman of —— Sino-South Korean is in an Er have first show. A narrow strip of water of Sino-South Korean two countries, lie between sea facies to look. Congeneric confusianism culture encircles two countries, sharing common historical culture tradition and thought value sense. The dress of nation of Chinese past dynasties that carries program by model of new silk road is performed, performance of as traditional as performance of Korea palace dress and Korea dancing is equal stage show, of dress of the monarch in performance of past dynasties dress majestic, of empress dress elegant, cause the sound of the exclaim that shows an all audiences; Lively Chinese nation dress is performed, possess be full of youthful energy, arouse a Neiduoci's enthusiastic applause. New silk road expedited the Chinese famous model such as Guan Qi, Wu Yingna, Yue Mei to appear in Korea, traditional Chinese dress and fashionable youthful model, bring Korea audience different to familiar Chinese culture feeling. Head the success of Er show, good foundation was laid in Chun Chuan's show for the 2nd, also promoted friendly communication of woman of Sino-South Korean two countries.

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