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[Spin common sense] inwrought origin
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Times of Shi Chuanhuang emperor has the account of decorative pattern of coloured drawing or pattern. That that is to say, archaic hominid is early know coloring colour to come him beautification. Get on color besmear in the body in the begining, call “ clear body ” ; Go further thorn is on the body, call “ tattoo ” ; Go up in the dress with respect to the picture later, reappearance exhibits embroider to be on dress. " a high official in ancient China " the dress that says Yu Shun has multicoloured design and color, jacket 6 kinds of decorative pattern, this day, month, stars, hill, dragon, China bug; Next skirt 6 kinds of decorative pattern, for rice of Zong Yi, alga, fire, pink, Fu, Fu, in all 12 kinds of decorative pattern, weigh 12 chapters. There is two to plant at least here is inwrought (point to decorative pattern) . Zhou Dai " hold a memorial ceremony for of · of The Book of Rites justice piece " in say the emperor of “ ancient time is vassal have fair room sericiculture.
Silkworm is ripe, display chrysalis filature, catch them Cheng Gong, green, black, yellow wait for color, think ”(of article of “ decorative pattern uses different colorific silk yarn namely, on formal attire embroidery becomes all sorts of design) . According to " demit sea " , “ Fu (sound complementary) ” word explanation is in the embroider on archaic formal attire the decorative pattern of half black fifty; “ Fu (note) ” word explanation is in the embroider on archaic formal attire half blueness half black decorative pattern. As to “ article ” two words, already became a vocabulary in contemporary Chinese language, the meaning is very plain, but in Gu Hanyu, do not have a meaning however. It is “ article ” with what embroider of green, red dichromatic line says, it is “ chapter ” with what embroider of red, white dichromatic line says. Actually, ancient meaning is 2 words of “ article ” beautiful, later article of transferred meaning analogy. The another meaning of “ article ” is point at, with “ grain ” . " month of · of The Book of Rites makes piece " say ” of “ Wen Xiuyou constant, according to annotate “ article, it is point at, the formal attire jacket with sacred ancient time is a picture, next skirt are the ” of embroider. Anyhow a word, embroidery originates early, ancient already had.

The should count grave of Hunan of the Warring States of chaste tree city to come up out of land of course “ dragon Feng Huwen with the inwrought the earliest in kind that can see at present embroider collect ” . This is the work that behaves with Suo Xiufa on a Luo De, save in good condition. Additionally still park of martyr of Changsha of the thin silk of Long Fengwen embroider that comes up out of land with the grave, Hunan comes up out of land Hunan country is inwrought, also save very in good conditionly, this is the best data that knows archaic embroidery. Be in later Chinese grave in unearthed relics, embroider tastes more, if Ma Wang piles article of the Western Han Dynasty,is gown of continous of embroider thin silk, Huang Xiuhua gown in content, what use embroider line extremely fine, it is unprecedented.
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