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Yunjin sends a person -- inscriptions on bronze
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On May 24, 2007, the female Guo Xiaoling of Taiming of Taiwan head rich Guo and Cao Si Jie wear sweethearts of “ Yun Jin to install ” to attend marriage dinner, appear traditional contemporary. “ get married is rich domestic daughter, yun Jin is done marry garment ” , make the window that Taiwan media reports.

This Yun Jin is married the fabricant of the garment is called inscriptions on bronze, be ” of password of “ of a broken Jie Yunjin is crackajack send a person, be granted title of ” of Great Master of “ China arts and crafts.

1992, when complete of museum of Taichun science and technology, ceng Yin serves as item on display into objective of science and technology of a batch of ancient time, have Nanjing Yun Jin loom among them. Convoy this loom spans the inscriptions on bronze of channel, also the head comes to Taiwan. 6 meters 4 meters tall, long loom, the craft that is close to be lost makes Taiwan audience big open horizon.

Inscriptions on bronze still remembers up to now, a lot of people exhibit Yun Jin the area surrounded watertight. Look to the couple everyday, they tell inscriptions on bronze, young when live in riverside of the Huaihe River of Nanjing the Qin Dynasty, those who know Yun Jin is precious with rare. They arrive Taiwan is so old, can see the Yun Jin that also did not see in Nanjing unexpectedly, still saw Yun Jinchuan's person, it is to be mad with joy really. Figure of inscriptions on bronze is tall, extravagant, sit to the front of loom however, resembled changing an individual however like, become the heart is deft, clever if spend,point to, enrol one type to taking the lasting appeal of of primitive simplicity. Face the query of the audience, inscriptions on bronze speaks with fervor and assurance: Technology of “ Yun Jin is distinctive, with weaving of vintage machine of jacquard weave wood, must be versed in by jacquard weave labour and weaving two people cooperate to finish, one day can be produced only 5 reach 6 centimeters. This kind of craft still cannot be replaced with the machine up to now. ”

Inscriptions on bronze and Yun Jin become attached to, get the century on restrospect to 70 time. At that time withered of with each passing day of cloud bright and beautiful, the country decides to resume production of cloud bright and beautiful. Like painterly inscriptions on bronze, became the jockey of workshop of cloud bright and beautiful. Abandon all temptation, ready loneliness, diligent in an attempt to, inscriptions on bronze creates as silk as ancient time craft to study the domain is sought in Yun Jin 30 old. He tells me: “ Yun Jin does craft, craft dies to the person with respect to drag in art absolutely problem. I now with respect to compunction, young when did not realize such problem. When the first batch of experienced worker teach us, 10 come a master, pass 10 years, be dead. ”

When Nanjing Yun Jin is included national level “ after ” of immaterial culture bequest, inscriptions on bronze is by Nanjing museum appoint to a position director of lab of craft of folk-custom institute tradition, studying way basically is Yun Jin. He holds the position of national major project " Chinese science and technology history " spin coils make up appoint, although be not one's previous experience of regular professional training, right however be clear of origin of cloud bright and beautiful at the heart, compose the paper of archaic spin science and technology of 100 thousand more than word, he draws the illustration that match, operation detail describes gasp in admiration making a person.
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