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Of female professional clothing adorn taste tie-in skill
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Adorn although attribute detail part,taste, but, often detail can reflect an individual to savour more. Pay attention to the professional female of individual figure as, adorn taste tie-in respect to should add an attention more more. Of female professional clothing adorn taste collocation to be sure to keep in mind not much, 9 are exquisite adornment and ornament, and 3 over extremely low. Remember acting the role of tasting is ornament action only, use at adjusting to install, the made temperament that wants to show with oneself more in harmony.

(1) necklace

the choice with respect to necklace, the price is not main factor, no matter be what kind of design, as harmonious as the collocation of the age, color of skin, dress ability is main. Generally speaking, went up the person of age in order to choose quality of a material the necklace of the gold with excellent, careful craft, platinum had better; And young should choose character facial expression the necklace with good, new design is beautiful. If bone is made, pearl makes necklace wait.

(2) dangler

The female that wears glasses is unfavorable wear large suspensory earring, dangler of the type that stick ear can make them more cultured and beautiful. Of dangler and color of skin cooperate to not allow to ignore. The person with whiter color of skin, can choose the dangler with a few more bright-coloured color. If color of skin is bronze-coloured, can choose the dangler with lighter color. If color of skin is blacker, choose Dai Yin lubricious dangler effect is optimal. If color of skin is yellower, with bronze-coloured or argent dangler had better.

(3) bracelet and hand catenary

Bracelet and hand catenary are not necessary adornment, because this career woman need not adorn when the job, also had better not wear. Discrepancy office building, wear a bracelet, have bit of nondescript very much, be made fun of easily.

(4) portfolio

Portfolio is each professional females' indispensable in all sorts of circumstances decorations, it has adornment value already, have economic value again. The shoulder hangs type portfolio lightsome, convenient, choose for more woman place. The smooth portfolio that take form is luxurious, fashionable, use bag of this seed coat to be able to reflect the occupation that gives a woman, identity, social class and aesthetic interest adequately. The smooth portfolio that carry type goes out like the comfortable syncretic of common and recreational type use, compare exquisite coriaceous portfolio is used for professional female more. The pattern that notices portfolio, color wants as suitable as dress.

(5) filar socks

A pair of beautiful silk socks can foil those who give female leg department is curvaceous with secret touch, filar socks is modern woman's necessary dress. The colour and lustre of filar socks should be paid attention to, professional female can wear incarnadine silk socks only inside government affairs or business affairs circumstance, recreational the dress photograph that answers to be worn with place coordinates the color that filar socks chooses when reaching dishabille. Those who need an attention is, it is quite indelicate that dress has apparent damaged or the filar hose that take off silk. Additional, the socks mouth of filar socks do not answer the lower edge under skirt, when wearing miniskirt, had better wear pantistocking, lest socks mouth appears.
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