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How to choose coverall fabrics?
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Gong Shuang- - already polyester fibber fibrous holds out broadness, do not break fibrous sticking gum again complaisant, after classics high temperature is handled, cloth grain is close together and luxuriant, resilience is good, easy machine is washed, fight the beautiful that knit a gender. Component: Polyester fibber fiber 65% , fiber sticking gum 35% . Organization: Coloring of environmental protection of complete craft of 2 bath law. Weight: 260-270 is overcome / rice. Fabric width: 148-150CM.

◆ essence is versed in (still have add thick and antistatic)- - fabrics uses polyester fibber filament and bombazine to interweave, twill is a face, cloth cover has chemical fibber already fight knit, prevent a ball (wool) effect, the reverse side does not break the character that the comfortable, moisture absorption of cotton breathes freely again. Component: Polyester fibber fiber 55% , cotton 45% . Organization: 1/2 twill is organized. Craft: Environmental protection coloring. Weight: 250-260 overcomes / rice (add thick: 320-330 is overcome / rice) . Fabric width: 148-150CM.

◆ is fought electrostatic silken- - use fiber of entrance electric conduction, chemical fibber to be machined with technology of advanced science and technology and be become for raw material, the electric industry such as applicable oil, chemical industry, electron, colliery. Component: Via: 100D cleanse plays glazed silk to add 30D to fight electrostatic silk; Abb: 100D glazed silk. Craft: Environmental protection coloring. Weight 190-200 is overcome / rice. Fabric width: 148-150CM.

Oxford of ◆ high-quality goods is spun- - mix by polyester fibber fiber double stranded complete cotton interweaves and become, have grain clarity the easy, union that nod a net, the volume that contain cotton is high, dress is comfortable, will rectify wait for a characteristic. Organization: 1/1 plain weave. Weight: 190-200 is overcome / rice. Fabric width: 146-148CM.

Dacron drill of ◆ complete craft- - lines is distinct, cloth cover is bright and clean, do not fade, do not remove ball, shrinkproof water, easy machine to wash. Component: Polyester fibber fiber 80% , cotton 20% . Fabric width: 112CM. Norms: 126X60.

◆ complete craft washs bombazine gets stuck- - the clarity that spin a way, cloth cover is bright and clean and thick, fade not easily, fight a ball, fight grind be able to bear or endure wash, draw water is drenched gas. Component: Polyester fibber fiber 65% , cotton 35% . Organization: 3/1 twill is organized. Fabric width: 150CM. Norms: 108X58.

Cleanse of ◆ complete craft is smooth- - hold out broadness to fight knit, drapability is good, cloth cover is bright and clean level off, moisture absorption breathes freely, wear-resisting does not have a ball, lubricious prison is spent strong, have admirable cleanse cotton effect. Component: Polyester fibber fiber 65% , cotton 35% . Organization: 1/1 plain weave. Fabric width: 150CM. Norms: 100X53.

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