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Can of embroidery of tradition of the Monggol nationality is like rosy clouds
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The Monggol nationality is a nation that is good at decorating the life. Embroidery regards the main body of ethical dress as craft, applied range is very wide, involved each aspects such as appliance of dress, baldric, life almost, it is the Monggol nationality all the time the life of continue to use is consuetudinary, have bright ethical characteristic and life interest.

Dress of the Monggol nationality, baldric, have elegant inwrought design adornment. Especially the ornamental of a few special place, if gown is gotten, edge of gown front of a garment, gown, pouch of Mongolia boots, pouch, Lian of bowl bag, Da, smoke, hair is covered, tumble is taken, edge of felt socks waist, yurt, numnah of saddle of felt of the Tie Xiuru door curtain that does on felt and leather, cushion, embroider, camel, horse, come out with elegant silk thread embroidery. Design has Ji grain, birds and beasts, 5 domestic animal, roll word of careless grain, 10 thousand words, butterfly, goldfish, age, Long Feng, flexibly, grain of Fang Sheng, calabash, Yun Wen, fire, dish bowel and appearance of ethical characteristic grain, very rich. Formed oneself particular inwrought colour, can is like rosy clouds.

The inwrought design of a nation, can reflect the history that gives this nation. The generation of design grain appearance, development and evolve, mark can be searched, active but go against the river, live to be linked together cheek by jowl with the production of this nation. Embroidery of the Monggol nationality, it is folk art home people work, composition of a picture is vivid and clever, subject matter is extensive. The some in always living, mirror somewhat in design, do not have in the life, the pursuit that also has them and yearning. …… of every flowers and plants, birds and beasts, water flea, landscape does not have without place. Law of its stitch ability, varied, woman of the Monggol nationality's most commonly used embroider law has smooth embroider, stick embroider, element embroider, colour embroider, barbola, dish embroider, arrest is beautiful, lock hemming embroider more than 10 kinds. The robe that place of the Monggol nationality wears, cap, boots, worn bowl bag, pouch, saddle is provided and uses articles for daily use, him elaborate design and embroidery come out. Smooth embroider is commonly in cloth and silk or the embroidery on fabrics of silks and satins, panne case of master drawing of all sorts of flowers, grain, the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket of edge of front of a garment of shoulder of collarband, cuff, bank, robe is inwrought design. Sticking embroider is the form with applique, use different and tonal cloth and silk, silks and satins, color library bright and beautiful, lacy, cut all sorts of flowers and place to want grain kind, stick on shoulder of the dress, bank, cap or felt, leather, seam a lock along the graph. Arrest flower is general and multi-purpose wait for content at Jian of boots, dress, saddle, although do not need gorgeous figure, but also should have adornment of appearance of a bit grain, appear simple and grave, beautiful and practical. Because tribe of the Monggol nationality is consuetudinary with aesthetic appeal different, the grain appearance that embroider tastes, colour and embroider law also differ somewhat, in embroider person under a dab hand, or smooth embroider, or stick embroider, or arrest is beautiful, mutual collocation, follow one's inclinations, irregular change is boundless. Technique of neat, symmetrical, exaggerated is used on composition of a picture, achieve affection of content and form, nation and the unity that behave gimmick thereby.
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