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A long time ago and colorful Chinese dress culture
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Dress is the mankind's peculiar work achievement, its since material crystallizes civilizedly, have the implication of spiritual civilization again. Human society course is barbaric, cruel to civilized times, advanced slowly hundred thousands of years. Our ancestor is in bow with hands clasped to with photograph of apes and monkeys after fastening, approving hide and leaf, wandered in harships hard enumerated years, cross the threshold that entered civilized period hardly eventually, knew block body warm system, innovation goes civilization of a material. However, going after the United States is the person's nature, clothes and hat at the person, the outfit that be like gold is in Buddha, its action warms in block body not only body, have the function of beautification more. It is almost from dress origin rose that day, people already lived his hobby of consuetudinary, aesthetic appeal, colour, and sense of a variety of culture state of mind, religion, precipitate at dress in, built connotation of dress culture spiritual civilization.

Chinese dress as Chinese culture, it is each nation permeates what reach an influence and generate each other. Since Han Tang, especially latter-day later, a large number of inducting with melted the outstanding crystallization that the document received outside world each nation changes, just be able to the dress culture that evolution gives priority to body with the Han nationality into alleged China of whole. This come true the judgment of American anthropologist Ying Fei: “ project of a culture is ab extra osmotic result, still be the child of natural independent invention, this problem pays attention to special key is for the person of historical bequest to those, also be very important for the person that compares research technique to those applying. We can say for certain, in all culture, the content of 90% above, most first the form that permeates with culture appears. ” should understand the elegant demeanour with Chinese that diversiform design, distinctive dress, bright colour and lustre and masterly technology, first task should Jianzhiyi nods rich of the Chinese nation big abstruse dress culture develops orbit, such ability are passed browse, go the details that act carefully opens culture of dig China dress.

The historical source and course of culture of our country dress, if from classic in search, always meet its end at 3 emperor 5 emperor. If is place of person of the Warring States written? Lv Lan? And? World this record and narrate, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Cao of the “ when Huang Di makes garment ” ; Or say: “ Bai Yu, Huang Di makes clothing. ” this times, the culture involuntary discharge of urine that disentombs from archaeology is put contrast, should be to be in be apart from today the prosperous period of the maternal and clannish commune of the primitive society 559 years ago. The objective that comes up out of land inside this period has spin annulus, spicula, key link dropping, come up out of land again the relic that has yarn fabric. The contented draw on the ancient painted pottery that Gansu Province of our country Central Plains comes up out of land, the form that already was linked together the skirt below jacket is made vivid and figure ground is depicted came out.
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