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Dress new product of innovation of technology of complementary feed business
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Complementary feed business is in this dress hard to develop new merchandise through technical innovation. Generally speaking, the technical development of complementary feed business is not pure land increases a function, will design however, reduce the essential factor such as cost, mechanical development organic ground is united in wedlock together. A lot of enterprises expect new product development can bring bigger business chance.

Will begin in April from this year, YKK company begins to sell a new-style goods that is " (EasyTrack) of " light contrail in the market. Compare with photograph of traditional slide fastener, the characteristic of light contrail is can from transverse and fore-and-aft undertake occlusive, although taking a glove to also can be pulled, offerred huge to go to the lavatory for the disabled and cheeper. This product hopeful brings revolutionary progress for slide fastener. Since product of make a fresh start is rolled out, already company of nearly 40 clothing and jobber express huge interest, cause the wide attention of industry.

Clear former company rolled out easy outfit button. The kind that this kind of button does not need to use riveting undertakes installing, pass the drawing of the hand to be able to be finished. According to introducing, this company has begun to sell this kind of new product, began the mechanical professional work that rent at the same time. Operate not only simple, button material also involves metal, plastic, conch to wait fragile material. Because the installation of the button does not need to secure, the client can choose to be installed in aleatoric position according to his be fond of, size also can choose by oneself.

MORITO company developed button coloring new technology. Besmear with traditional surface lubricious craft photograph is compared, new product is in button surface attach glue of a nylon, through choosing to differ raw material undertakes chemical reaction receives different facial expression later. New technology can be in not only any place realize the button even and chromatic, and saved many time than coating craft. The factory needs to prepare certain nylon glue stock and boiler of a small-sized pressure only, can catch the button of different color according to his demand. Meanwhile, this company still develops the machine that can print commodity technically to mark.

In addition, ai Lisi company still developed the conch button processing technique that uses technology of laser beam machining, can undertake carving to conch from many angle. The characteristic of afore-mentioned commodity is to passed technical innovation to overturn the concept of original merchandise, implementation commercializes can be expected soon. Introduce according to YKK company, light contrail slide fastener has received many sportswear to produce the order for goods of the enterprise, can put in the market very quickly. Complementary makings company is opposite dress new merchandise expresses great expectations, hope this kind of commodity can make next generation strategy goods.
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