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Extend view state from CTAF costume market
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On September 17, 2007, fair of trade of garment of first China textile (of CTAF) hold the success that gained expect to be less than. Can say, CTAF was to find right time, proper place, right partner. As famous as spin fabrics world exhibit meeting TEXWORLD the corresponding period is held together, let CTAF gain higher starting point.   

Enter 2008, china is shown all the time to American textile exit drop posture, and the exit that waits for European country to France appeared however ” of double growth of amount and price “ .

“2008 year situation of outlet of Chinese spin clothing is grim ” , this is the viewpoint that at present most person agrees with. And this one viewpoint, can use again 2008 data of export of Chinese spin clothing is evidence first quarter. 2007, the United States is market of export of Chinese the biggest clothing, and as a result of American “ second the influence that lends the element such as crisis ” , 2008 first quarter, china exports the remarkable fall that appears to American dress, exit forehead is 3.408 billion dollar only, dropped compared to the same period 4.26% .   

Comparatively, china grows somewhat to the exit of European country. From the point of Chinese customs data, 2008 first quarter, I exported amount and export unit price to present ” of “ double growth to dress of European Union textile. Among them, exit amount grew 21.12% compared to the same period, export unit price grew 8.83% compared to the same period.

Below, let us have a look at the fundamental condition of French costume market first.

Extend view state from CTAF industry of garment of costume market France and costume market

Garment trade situation

Personnel of obtain employment of French garment industry makes an appointment with 80 thousand person, realize turnover every year left and right sides of 10 billion euro. If press an enterprise to differentiate, the turnover of 91% originates 20 people come the small and medium sized business of 250 people; If press dress category to differentiate, 42% originate female outfit; 20% come from underwear; 16% come from men's clothing; Other dress and dress are occupied 14% ; The quantity has something made to order personally occupy 4% ; Coverall is occupied 3% ; Fur clothing is occupied 1% .   

Hourly wage is worker of French garment industry 15.93 dollars, the 7th is ranked in world spin industry, under Denmark, Switzerland, Belgian, Japan, Holand and Germany. French labor cost is too high, 60% what worker total wages occupies dress to produce cost, this is the main reason with French clothing migratory company. Current, had looked for the trousers that is less than 100% France to produce, shirt and underwear in France, unless be luxury.   

The productivity year after year of French garment industry drops, current, the clothing that sells on French market, 70% import from abroad.   
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