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Knitting industry " foreground " value
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The personage inside course of study thinks, avoid by all means is fooled and go up, the key is to increase fabrics class

In the office of the deputy alcalde Chen Jun that the reporter smalls piece of land surrounded by water in Li the town is in charge of industry recently, come up against Zhuo Cheng needle to spin Feng Feng of limited company general manager to be in by chance consultative ask for land newly, in order to enlarge dimensions production. Needle of “ Zhuo Cheng spins ” to start from machine of 6 knitting big circle, 4 years of time are ceaseless and outspread, had attained the scale of 24 loom. Feng Feng tells a reporter, present workshop is really close-packed, the space that did not develop at all, and knitting in last few years the market anticipates very good, want to build factory building so, add the space of development.

In the communication with operator, the reporter experiences the good prospect that has to knitting industry place apparently. Because knitting product has very extensive use,this is above all, outside dividing business suit and shirt now, the tatting fabrics on all dress can use knitted piece goods to replace, what sportswear installs is faddish, knitwear soars for the dress scale of raw material, make knitted piece goods had broad market. In the market, the such as that makes with knitted piece goods Adidasi sprotswear, the price that its do not poor makes a person fix eyes upon likewise. And, knitting cloth still can regard a person as change radical cloth etc, make its gain bigger and bigger market.

Compare with tatting photograph, knitting has investment province, with labour the characteristic with little, big crop. Understand roughly according to the reporter, invest 24 common knitting great round opportunity needs 3 million yuan, everyday crop is 14 tons, need 20 much people to be able to realize 2 operation only. And should accomplish similar turnout, tatting should invest 200 pieces of loom, investment is 10 times of knitting, labour force wants 200 people left and right sides, and the field that take up is big, equipment of the line before form a complete set is much. As we have learned, below current condition, although the gain space of knitting also is compressed, but the gross profit of complete cleanse product still achieves 1500 yuan every tons, the gross profit of cotton goods is as high as every tons 3000 yuan. In addition, knitting is adjusted in breed on the advantage is clear, need a hour to be able to change only breed, make its had the capacity that answers vicissitude of the market neatly.

My county textile takes dominant place with tatting clothing fabrics all the time, in last few years this has begun to produce change, knitting industry presents the state that gives rapid development. Li smalls piece of land surrounded by water the town has more than 800 enterprise and domestic plant pursueing knitting trade, 1—4 month realizes knitting to sell 800 million yuan this year, grow 24% compared to the same period, be born out of predicts to be able to increase many 10 this year at the dimensions above enterprise of domestic factory, exceed the number of calendar year. Needle of “ Zhuo Cheng spins the knitting product of ”95% above to export Russia, Finnish, Argentina to wait for 20 many countries, 1—4 month realizes foreign trade 2.61 million dollar, predicting annual can realize export business 10 million dollar. In me assemble of prefectural knitting course of study spends taller Lan Ting to press down, 1—4 month finishs knitting to sell 640 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 18.1% , show good development the look of things likewise. Among them the sale of ” of knitting of “ gold peak achieves twenty-seven million eight hundred and fifty-six thousand yuan; “ collects heart dragon needle to spin ” sale to be 3.507 million yuan, grow 157.68% . The knitting industry with lake street pond also appears to involve the situation that rise considerably, already had 291 round opportunity at present, output grows 60% compared to the same period. In Qian Qing industrial district of town, seaside, Qixian is pressed down wait for economy to develop platform, knitting course of study already also started, appeared the ” of “ prosperous knitting company that has more than 100 loom.
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