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Athletic dress calls Bangtesi board be able to bear or endure Keadi
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As 2008 the drawing near of the Olympic Games, campaign plays to making a kind of fashionable way of life gradually. One brews long already athletic style hurricane landing China strong recently: Afterwards is able to bear or endure after gram, Adidasi, another whole world Bangtesi carries G-Beats of brand of fashionable dress of top class motion its beat to the top of one's bent to distinctive explanation ——“ of motion, belong to the value ” in your heart, formal declaration marchs in the round Chinese market.

This with one action is moved, the Chinese sprotswear market that makes latent capacity infinite more added infinite scenery.

Be in eve of Beijing Olympic Games 2007, grind a fist to brush a palm to receive an Olympic Games in succession with the athletic dress industry of Olympic Games be closely bound up. Gather together in “ of brand of sports of numerous much international, home below the current situation of equipment industry of ” China sportswear, be able to bear or endure gram and Adidasi make the world undoubtedly accepted two big “ are gigantic without bully ” , bangtesi enlarges G-Beats this in the portion of Chinese market, it is to be able to bear or endure gram, Adidasi undertakes “ cries apparently board ” . According to G-Beats department staff introduces Bangtesinei, g-Beats early notices Bangtesi the Chinese market with huge potential, prepare actively for this, this also makes G-Beats state special Si Ganggang comes on stage to move uncommon, it stands in motion and fashionable commanding elevation, deduce contemporary urbanism new position with original design, show the character charm of young generation and green vigor adequately, as if the belt of fashionable sports culture of fashionable of whole world of a cool breeze general went to China.

Athletic dress “ calls Bangtesi board ” is able to bear or endure Keadi than be able to bear or endure gram, Adidasi, bangtesi has G-Beats what new generation kit acts the role of is brand-new idea, held vogue and popularity completely, of will simple motion element, quietly elegant tonal the each shining more brilliantly in the other's company that treats with fashionable confluence, showed the new state that athletic sportswear acts the role of. G-Beats athletic sportswear installs Bangtesi to be revealed with what vogue reachs individual character for the theme, fashionable and motion, green, perfect confluence, overturned traditional dress, more life of press close to, cater to fashionable pursuit, satisfied people to be mixed to motion, fashionable angle pair of nature, free and easy psychology demand, bring up the newest window that gives popularity of current the latest fashion.

Bangtesi broke G-Beats the regulation with athletic established dress, adopt the quick change of material qualitative application and coloring, make sprotswear OK be shown fully with other dress luxuriant and dazzling, lead comfortable, high motion style. On select material, g-Beats is rear sight with intimacy, cotton makings is given priority to, lai card is complementary, make the fabrics of the product more soft, and can make sure the product won't be out of shape, sex suction sweat is strong. It is motion no matter, recreational still, comfortable, natural, apt nowhere is absent. On colour collocation, g-Beats gives priority to color to move with white, red, clean all previous is experienced, gift passion, more show young change with spark. On charge for the making of sth. , the processing that G-Beats always takes pair of detail seriously and think, manual tailor, excelsior. On collocation, the recreational bag all without exception of the sneaker of G-Beats vogue, handsome sports cap, pure and fresh nature lets a person be full of spark and vigor.
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