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[beg buy] fabrics of knitting advertisement unlined upper garment
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Of Chinese Guangdong current state beg buy business to beg to this those who buy define:

Dress of profession of dragon of current state sort out is located in area of bridge of Hunan of city of Guangdong current state, advocate battalion advertisement unlined upper garment, coverall, the professional dress such as office suit. The company takes “ client consummate, the management concept of ” of acute meaning enterprising, hold to “ client the principle of the first ” provides excellent service for broad client.

Because produce need, show our company to beg buy fabrics of unlined upper garment of the following advertisement:

Complete cotton, CVC, TC, add cloth of floss, try to stop people from fighting each other, tabby cloth, Zhudebu, moisture absorption to discharge single jersey.

Ask broad supplier to contact me to manage, send model, make clear composition, gram to quote again, so that build long-term cooperation,concern.

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