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Employee of school dining room is entered lavatory should take off coverall firs
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Employee of school dining room is entered lavatory take off coverall first
Report from our correspondent (reporter Li La) September 1 is the day that middle and primary school terms begins, bureau of education of more beautiful area is special to the area inside print and distribute of each middle and primary school " management of sanitation of dining room of Guangzhou city school is how-to " (the following abbreviation " how-to " ) , the toilet on staff member of requirement dining room should shuck off coverall, calorific symptom wants to leave working station to wait instantly.
" how-to " return a requirement, the principle set that should part according to “ food and things ” , “ gives birth to ripe apart ” sells area, the staff member sells food must ” of departure of “ payment for goods. That is to say, same individual cannot receive money to make a meal at the same time at the same time. [origin: Southern Metropolis Daily]

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