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Wei Sun: My understanding of the work subject to the centers for the dissolution
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The trip to the Chinese Olympic Games came to an end, they lost 0-3 in the knockout round which the old rivals South Korea and missed the last eight battle. After the match, Coach Wei Sun in the conference responded to the rumors about his class, he said his next job will be subject to adequate control center of the arrangement. Wei Sun, said before the game will be played in the game bloody, the Olympic team in the game also does a lot of progress, Wei Sun, said at the press conference: "First, I thank the majority of the fans and the media support, also thank the efforts of the 4 field players, they do very best, this game we have made preparations, but opponents ability, experience better than us, we attack on the organization in the midfield often simple mistakes, as a We will carefully coach the summary, the experience is very important, we will seriously end, will do the preparation work of Olympic trials. " China and South Korea showed the score one-sided war situation, Wei Sun acknowledged gap exists objectively, but he said: "We are indeed a gap with rivals, and this gap is not today's the score? If one part of us good point, the score may not be so, but the gap is there. I was the coach, this is a process of my work, how to arrange the next step, after the game I will listen to central leadership arrangements. " Reconfirmation of preparing for this game is a lot of work, beat the game in Malaysia began coaching the Korean team to start collecting relevant materials, Wei Sun, said: "We did a lot of work before the game, including the familiar South Korea, including a position for the layout of the Republic of Korea, including communication with team members, team members have expressed about keep up opponent, and they look forward to the game. " Over the past few games conference, Wei Sun Ray frequently encountered problems, this time is no exception, there is a sharp reporter suggested that "the scene when the fans are more concerned about the dissolution of the team, I hope the team's next step is how to arrange of? "his problem also caused reporters at the scene of laughter, Wei Sun replied:" I would say this when the IOC set up to face great difficulties, I think the fans shouting that they want teams faster growth, the future arrangements for the team said I do not know. "
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