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Exhibition of fabrics of international of the 10th 08 Qingdao
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The 10th 2008 China (Qingdao) international spin fabrics, complementary makings and yarn exhibition

Extend meeting time: 2008-06-26- - 2008-06-28
Showpiece address: Qingdao international exhibition center (square of century of new and high area)
Sponsor an unit: Shandong saves textile industry office, Shandong to save commerce of dress guild, China International to promote committee Shandong to save trade of classics of guild of dress of spin of city of branch of Shandong of chamber of commerce of branch, China International, Qingdao, Asia to develop stimulative development center
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Exhibit meeting preface

China is country of the world's biggest spin dress production, innovate with the technology through be being accumulated ceaselessly a few years, had stepped power of world textile industry nowadays. Join quota of WTO, textile cancel establish China is in center of global textile scenic position, also drove industrial catenary pressing demand, make China makes spin range the demand market with complementary the biggest stuff.

In recent years, focus of spin garment industry gradually “ north moves ” , chinese north presents an unprecedented vigor. It is a delegate with Shandong: Shandong is one of economic strong provinces of China, also be base of main spin dress treatment. City of prosperous of famous city of printing and dyeing, knitting famous city namely home of this world of sea of famous city of unlined upper garment of Chinese ink, wool, Lu Xiuzhi countryside, craft spins famous city article to ascend, town of stage of king of the city austral glue of famous city of machinery of Zhu Cheng of men's clothing famous city, spin, China. ” of base of manufacturing industry of Shandong province “ develops a program " accelerate me to save spin garment industry to develop an opinion " reach " plan of structural adjustment of trade of Shandong province spin " come on stage carry out, exert oneself glue east peninsula construction is become drive whole nation of complete province, radiate, face day of Han / the research and development of modern spin dress of Euramerican developed country and sale base, this will make garment industry is faced with Shandong spin to expand opportunity again.

Rely on hereat, china (Qingdao) international fabrics, complementary makings and yarn exhibition, through development of a few years, already became China to provide one of large and professional exhibition of consequence most, got joining those who postpone business to be approbated support, extensively energetically mix high recognition.

2008, current exhibition will serve with overall international exhibition level at commerce both sides, strive to make cosmopolitan brand exhibition. The organizing committee welcomes the personage inside course of study to take an active part in, realize win-win.

Exhibit meeting honor:

Industry of domestic spin garment 3 exhibit greatly one of meetings;
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