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Chinese the culture root that takes backside
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The Chinese is much love Chinese garment

I wear “ for the first time Chinese take, be when accompanying a wife to answer the mainland to visit one's family. I wore Chinese take Tiananmen Square to play, still went up open door a tower over a city gate. ”

Zhang Congxing remembers Singapore foreign citizen of Chinese origin clearly so that wear at the beginning of oneself Chinese the excitement when taking. From course of study at " associated morning paper " he did not think of, oneself become the first report Chinese to take actually revive planar media reporter of the phenomenon. That is to be by 2003, he is the Chinese website of ” of “ Chinese net to go up to see accidentally in the name, day of Wang Le of worker of Henan Zhengzhou electric power is worn Chinese take be on street, write into a report accordingly then.

Not only such, he still is mixed through the network advocate Chinese the netizens that take are hit hand in, also become gradually abroad advocate earlier Chinese the Chinese that take.

“ I feel, accept Chinese the person that take is increasing, media and even society the attention of each estate is increasing also. ” to this he has experience greatly.

The Zhao Liyu of Malaysia initiated abroad Chinese to wear Chinese take the precedent that is on street. In him what American university reads dress of in spirits ground is handed in get, right Ren, chalaza and concealed buckle Chinese take, walk the ave in American place city is off-street, abound the look that the dress of ethical characteristic drew local curiosity. In June 2006, as the first dress Chinese takes the abroad Chinese that come home, he comes to Shanghai from the United States.

And Australian Chinese Wang Yoliang is early begin attention Chinese to take when 2001, in “ Chinese net ” holds water hind, his the first each is made Chinese take, upload relevant picture the network offers netizen inspect and learn each other's work. Wang Yoliang and Zhao Li Yu are same, two people wear move Chinese to take ground of earnestly practise what one advocates to advocate in exotic an alien land, so someone call them abroad Chinese society medium Chinese take revive the activity is precursory.

In last few years, wear Chinese the individual phenomenon that taking is abroad Chinese not merely, be in the China of the country such as Japan, Germany, United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia gradually however midstream of student studying abroad and Chinese circle goes to come. Be in Japan, have Chinese student studying abroad Chinese take wear the commencement to go up; Be in Canada, the Chinese established Toronto Chinese take answer a sudden flash of inspiration.

The network rises repeatedly global

Not only overseas Chinese company group in, in chinese mainland Chinese take revive heat also is run high with each passing day. The big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chinese take concerned thematic activity increasing, every time mobile participator, recruit a few people, about a hundred person from a few first people even hundreds of people. Chinese take an activity from be arrived to be understood by misunderstanding, from be arrived to be accepted by repulsion, from “ individual show of the small number of people ” development is the collective project that has certain proponent.
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