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Elegant Chinese take show chiliad Han Yun
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Late on October 30, city the sports center is star-spangled. Begin dance " samite Peng city " the beautiful veil that opened prize-giving social evening of grand ceremony of the first model.

As China the first major, authoritative model awards prize grand ceremony, prize-giving evening party of grand ceremony of the first model attracts distinguished personages of numerous supermodel and fashionable bound, entertainment group.

On grand ceremony not only the famous model gathers, perform art bound, fashionable bound numerous star also comes aid blast. Couplet of God singer He Jie, straight, brother, the train of power of giant star of Taiwan singer Zhang Zhenyue, old brand strong song that brings for the audience heats up dance, won full field to acclaim.

Chinese take release beautiful turn whole grand ceremony to the climax, affection of bend of many famous model is deduced Chinese take aesthetic fashion, with various Chinese take reveal Chinese the chiliad phylogeny that take, let spot guest big feast one's eyes on. The old friend of “ civilized appearance says summer, the beauty that takes an order calls China. An audience is seeing ” Chinese take show hind, cited " Zun Chuan " a word comes lyric, she says: “ I feel Chinese take those who hold out the United States, wear more beautiful on girl body. ”

It is reported, bencihan takes excellent place to use formal attire to all be made by design of lane of Beijing Chinese garment, at the same time Han Yifang also is the advisory adviser of ceremony of part of etiquette and custom of this activity the Han nationality. Its controller expresses, regard the world as the Han nationality of the oldest people, its nomen originates just about Han Chao; almost perforative the coronal ceremony of whole China phylogeny, Ji ceremony, wedding, sacred, shoot the tradition Chinese such as the ceremony the home is formal, in pay attention to make public ego while, you Chongjiang moves the harmony between individual character and social general character. These Chinese bibliographical reference, ancient codes and records and historical literature make take meticulously.

According to sponsorring square introduction: Xuzhou is known as “ beauty, the countryside ” of model, because walk out of the famous model that go from Xuzhou,be a lot of, wait rather like Wei Jie, plum, model has made the culture appearance of Xuzhou, model economy is well worth doing. The success of model grand ceremony is held, one piece when will make model grand ceremony becomes Xuzhou to move toward world of the whole nation, trend shines beautiful urban calling card.

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