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Of Chinese cheongsam evolve history
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The cheongsam takes one of everybody a group of things with common features as gown, its originate somebody thinks but the dark clothing of period of the Warring States of restrospect to age. Place of the person when from age the Warring States is to Han Daiceng weighs dark clothing, the gown of later ages is taken or with dark clothing the source with having constant concerns. In fact, dark clothing and gown are taken have difference quite, former fluctuation cent is cut into parts, the effect is equivalent to connecting the skirt below jacket into an organic whole; Gown is taken neck and neck, lost the sense of the skirt below jacket basically, gown takes the dress type that is admitted to be a kind of stability gradually later, take with what jacket issues skirt make both can be implemented without coming into conflict. Gown is taken from Chinese generation the Yu Chao that be used is taken, initiative get to hand in more, occupy continuously, garment body wide rich, body length comes add, sleeve is fatter broad, in cuff place systole is tightened small, brachial ancon place forms circular arc state, call “ to sleeve ” , or call “ Niu Hu ” , ancient have “ piece sleeve of shady ” say. Gown takes style past dynasties to have change make, chinese generation dark clothing makes gown, tang Dynasty circle gets Jian gown, bright generation straight body, it is typical wide body aba, the person that wearing is intellectual and regnant estate more, colourful of as time passes becomes prevailing custom. Gown takes what represent consequently is a kind not the at leisure of the upper circles that the thing produces and cultural worker lives. The big gown of wide unlined upper garment on dress. Honour garment rich is taken, garment of area of the place in be being become gradually acts the role of a civilized kind to symbolize.

Popularity is taken at minority area or nomadic gown, general relatively close narrow fit, with benefit Yu Qi is shot or other and intense activity, this kind takes type to be used more left Ren, narrow sleeve, gown body compares comfortable system. On the history, people of the Han nationality ever also adopted this to plant for many times narrow the gown with fit body takes a form, the Hu Fuqi that place of Zhao fierce clever king carries out is shot even if compare typical example. The Hu Fu of Tang Dynasty is faddish also temporarily, hu Fu is between Tang Kaiyuan, Tian Baonian with toady to of the person when moustache makeup, Hu Qi, Hu Le is together, can calculate the popular model that bedding face accumulates different region culture, belong to Chang'an Street head in those days “ exotic ” . In distant, gold, yuan the minority political power such as Ji Qingchao is regnant period, formfitting gown takes the lead that ever acting dress for a time, although be experienced again or show become wide the process of rich or trend. Because last a period of time is the longest,Qing Dynasty takes the place of and stabler, reason gown is taken can regard typical dress as.
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